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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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announcer: skip the drama. get your ged. it's right there. announcer: sign up for free classes now at good evening, everybody. the canadian capital of ottawa is under lockdown at this hour, after a gunman shot and killed a canadian soldier at the country's national war monument. before making his way inside the canadian parliament building, firing off what some witnesses have said were as many as 30 shots. as you can see on your screen, a quick thinking spectator was able to video some of the shooting and people scattering on parliament hill. further violence was stopped. when the parliament hill sergeant at arms shot and killed the assailant who was later identified as 32-year-old
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michael zehaf-bibeau who is later identified. fortunately, the shooter did not hit a single other person, although three others inside the parliament building were injured. none of them wounded by gunfire. they were taken to the ottawa hospital, but their injuries are considering to be not life-threatening. while we don't know the killer's motive for the shooting only 24 hours earlier, the canadian government had raised its terrorism threat level from low to medium, citing increased chatter online from radical islamists including the islamic state and al qaeda. as i said, we don't no the killer's name or whether he had ties to islam. and they had given his name to the fbi and the u.s. intelligence community to run through their terrorist watch list databases.
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and authorities remain tonight uncertain as 0 whether the gunman had accomplices or collaborators. >> this is a dynamic and unfolding situation. i understand that people have many questions. and we are committed to providing some answers as soon as we are able top. what i can tell you, right now, is that all available and necessary resources were activated and deployed immediately when we became aware of the incident. they will continue to be here as long as they're needed. >> president obama oakcooing just how little investigators know at this hour. >> we don't yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting. we don't yet have all the information about whether this is pat of a broader network or plan. or whether this was an individual or series of individuals who decided to take
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these actions. >> also tonight, we'll be bringing you the latest on what michael brown's autopsies have revealed. and what now appears to be the facts surrounding brown's death. at least some of the facts. leaked grand jury testimony from ferguson, missouri, reveals officer darren wilson's version of events for the first time. along with a cornerer's autopsy report that supports officer wilson's explanation of how and why he thought michael brown dead. dr. michael bobb performed an independent autopsy for the brown family and he joins us here in moments. a leaked medical autopsy report tonight reveals michael brown was shot in the hand at close range, and that he had marijuana in his system during this fight with officer darren wilson. the county report indicates that the thumb wound contained, quote, foreign particulate matter consistent with products that are discharged from the
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barrel of a firearm. these latest findings back up fbi forensics tests that found brown's blood inside the police car. the evidence corroborates, again, police officer's darren wilson's claim that a significant altercation took place inside his police vehicle. our next guest conducted one of the three autopsies performed. on michael brown. and joining us tonight forensic scientist dr. michael bowden, former chief medical examiner of new york city. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> your autopsy conducted for the brown family indicated the muzzle of the weapon was one to two feet away when it was discharged. so this finding by the county medical examiner, the st. louis medical examiner consistent with your finding? >> yes, it is consistent. one foot away, two feet away can still be within the car. it does look, as you say, from the fbi blood test thats there
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was a struggle in the car and a gun went off in the car. the medical examiner of st. louis and myself who examined the body with a naked eye didn't see any evidence of gunshot residue. on the microscopic tests that the medical examiner did which were released, there some some material that looks like gunshot residue. >> particulate matter. >> in the hand wound which can only be seen under a microscope. so, i haven't seen those slides yet but a good medical examiner found that valid. that there was a gunshot wound in the car. some kind of a struggle. >> in our discussions, you have expressed a high-level of confidence, if i can put it that way. if it's not, please correct me. a seemingly lie level of confidence in the st. louis medical examiner. and that team of pathologists did work there. >> i agree.
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yes. >> and the idea that there has been so much discussion public discussion, that one can understand certain limits of that discussion and the agitation. but waiting for this pathology report this long, do you really believe is it necessary? >> no in my view, especially as medical examiner of new york city, we have police community altercations that the quicker you release the results, the sooner the community will calm down. when somebody is shot with an altercation with the police. the family already doesn't trust the police. the medical examiner refuses or can give out the result, it can be interpreted as being part of a cover-up. but i think the earlier that the results are released, the better it is for everybody.
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unfortunately, the medical examiner sometimes can't release it if the prosecutor tells them it's going to interfere with the investigation. and that's a problem. >> marijuana found in the blood test of michael brown. >> yes. >> how significant, how much and how impair wed would he have be? >> it's kind of recreational level that it looks like from the toxicology report that he had recently smoked marijuana. but marijuana makes people feel good, does not necessarily make them do any bizarre or stupid things. >> well, we know that he was doing bizarre stupid -- >> well, and violent things just before he was shot dead. i'm not suggesting that marijuana would cause him to act as he did. evening, you know, i'll leave it to someone else to make those judgments today. did it impair his judgment? did it impair his reasoning? >> it could to a small degree.
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people with marijuana do not assault police officers because of marijuana from. viewpoints and emotions. and everybody ends up speculating. >> dr. michael baden, as always, good to talk to you. >> good to see you. joining me now fox news political analyst, co-host of "the five" juan williams, good to have you here tonight. your reaction to what dr. baden has said is and in your own estimation of how that autopsy report -- that part that's been leaked speaks to us. >> well, i think my first reaction is actually to you, lou. i think that you're on to something we're that we don't discuss because, remember, i'm a political guy. that's what i do. when i hear that, you know, we still don't have the full story now months after the event, i think, hey, i understand why people are upset. and suspicious. of the facts.
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the second thing i have a reaction is dr. baden's comments here. i think that it's very clear from what dr. baden said, that he thinks that the reports, the videotape, all of that, needs to be put in the public because opinions are hardened. so what i seer and i see this now leaking into the midterm election campaigning, is that people are using one side or another to try to fire up their respective political base. >> there's no doubt about it. and the exploitation that surrounds all the tragedy. in ferguson, frankly, i'll say it straight up, i think this president, the attorney general should be embarrassed for their conduct and their words, rather than the leadership that they could have shown. and advanced the community rather than retarded and in many cases inflamed the community. do you disagree with me? >> i think i do.
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so i'd have to ask you a few more questions -- >> well, that's one of the great things about two colleagues and friends talking we can ask one another questions. whatever you'd like to ask, fire away. >> okay. all right. i think when holder acted, the attorney general went down there, i think the idea was to make sure that the african-american community, in the midst of all the protests. and i think a lot of those people came from outside and were agitators. >> right. >> -- but to make sure they felt that the criminal justice system respected the life of michael brown. that there wasn't a case there was going to be a cover-up by the establishment to protect the officer and that the life of the poor black person could be ignored. i don't think that's a bad thing. i'd ask you how you saw that as a bad move? >> i think at this point, it seems honest, it seems collaborative, but it also seems that it's moving at a glacial pace.
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now as dr. baden said we now may have resolution in a couple of weeks. i think for two guys like you and me, we're journalists, we're in the business of the public. it it infuriates me to see how long this has taken, and the way in which both sides, if you will, in this have managed and exploited this -- >> mismanaged. >> -- the situation. >> here's the thing in listening to you, though what i would respond, though, remember, right from the start, the police were not forthcoming with the information. even the police report. the name of the officer. they acted as if they were in the cover-up mode -- >> wait a minute, juan. remember, we were watching demonstrations and actual looting taking place and very clear statements from either a state senator and others making public threats against public safety. and public order. >> well i think that's all - this was a highly charged situation. >> without a doubt. without a doubt.
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>> i think as a police officer, and his -- you know, there was a reason for that reticence, i understand, should they have been brave enough to handle that? i think it would have been exemplary for them to have done so. that, i agree with you. juan, we've got to go. last words? >> well, look, i'd wish that we get all the facts on the table. and decent people who want some resolution, honesty in a good criminal justice system could feel, you know what, justice was done here. >> i think you're exactly right on that. and i join you on that hope. and we go -- we will have that -- we hope within weeks. juan, thanks so much for being with us. >> my clepleasure, lou. the cdc announces a very new limited strategy to follow travelers who enter this country from west africa. >> why just in six states? is it a matter of resources?
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>> at this point, what we're talking about are the six states where about 70% of the travelers -- of the travelers' destination, right, essentially, these are the states where the vast majority of people who spent some time in west africa are headed to in the united states. >> that is except for the person who actually brought ebola to this country. and how do you feel about that 30% margin of error? that's next.
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reaction is to the reasoning behind the administration's strategy against ebola. >> ebola can only be transmitted through the close contact with the bodily fluids of an individual who is exhibiting symptoms of ebola. so that is the focus of our efforts. >> doctor, is the administration being responsible or irresponsible in your view, given your research? >> well, first thing i want to point out is that there's no evidence that ebola is currently transmitted by an airborne route. >> correct. >> what we -- what our research has demonstrated that the virus can enter the lung from the airways side. so that is an important point. and there were a number of people who were saying that was simply impossible. and our public research demonstrated that it was. the other thing that i have
10:18 am
commented on is the basis of the containment for ebola virus. and that is that -- that is that the hospitals that are being designated for containment have to be fewer. we cannot expect every hospital in the united states to be prepared to treat ebola patients. they should all -- >> forgive me, i didn't -- excuse me, doctor, i did not understand and perhaps the audience did not, those containment centers, four of them have to be -- what? >> so i think we should expand the number of containment centers. we should have regional centers all over the country. but we should not expect hospitals all over the country to be able to perform containments to do the treatment. so every hospital needs to be
10:19 am
prepared to do diagnosis, because we don't know where a patient is going to turn up. but as soon as a person is identified with ebola, they should be transferred to a regional center. so this is what i've been discussing. and i be that in fact the cdc is moving exactly in that direction. >> yeah, it's pretty clear. that set off, by the way, something of a wave of anxiety to health care officials who believe that their hospital staffs are not adequately trained for the exercise. how long do you envision it would take to create these new containment centers. high-level containment areas in major hospitals? >> that's a great question. so the training is what it depends on. you know, we can have the equipment, but it's not easy to use. >> but apparently, we don't even have the equipment. >> ask trainers to actually go around and train everybody, i
10:20 am
would say that we should be able to with a concerted effort get people to be able to be capable of diagnosing it effectively within a couple weeks. we should be able to have regional centers. you know, coming online in a month or so. it is -- you know, it's nearly a matter of focus, training, and focusing of our resources in exactly that same kind of process. >> in the meantime, your thoughts about providing only a differential on the disease. well, in six states, in following up with monitoring in six states, because that's 70% of the problem. leaving 30% of the problem with ebola sounds a very dangerous deadly statistical approach. your thoughts? >> i'm sorrier it's not my area of expertise. i really can't comment on that. you know, i don't know about efficiency of tracing.
10:21 am
it's just not -- >> let me just boil it down for us very clear. 70% of the folks who come into this country from west africa go through those six states. 30% will not be monitored because they go to other states. is it wise to let 30% come into the country without screening or monitoring? >> statistically, at this point, there's a low number of risk. if the numbers continue to escalate, then it's going to have to be more stringent. one of the things necessary is to develop systems and to test them out. >> right. >> because things always go wrong. we've seen that. so it's important to have a test model. i don't know that going to 100% at this point is actually all that valuable. if we do it with the 70% and we see how is this effective in
10:22 am
that occurring it's a variant. >> doctor, i suspect it's a -- >> there's going to be that there's trouble in the future. >> doctor, i suppose it's a little like rat poison. it's only 2% poison. the rest is oatmeal. i guess it's a question of whether you get the owe meatmea the poison. we're coming right back. two weeks ai, we're told that republicans are going to win and win big. we'll going to mogul publisher mort washington. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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now, that's progressive. 14 days till the midterms. the leading oddsmakers overwhelmingly predicting republicans will take back control of the senate. nate silver 538 giving republicans a 62% chance. "the new york times" takes that 68%. "the washington post" gives the gop a 93% chance. joining us billionaire, publisher magnate and boston properties executive chairman mort tuckerman.
10:26 am
>> president obama won the female vote. how worried should we be? >> i think women will help decide the vote, because they know the men in their families and they themselves are having a terrible time on the employment scene. generally speaking, you hold the administration that's in power responsible for what has been a very weak economy now for five years. >> and as we look at the polls, as i said earlier, this president is profoundly unpopular. 55% disapproval rating in the most recent gallup poll, tracking poll. what's going to determine the outcome? women, independents, who? >> well, he has such high negative ratings in every poll i've seen. in fact, 55% is low for the approval. i saw one with 59%. and then if you take up the people who are undecided you really lie realize 25% of the population. that's why he can't win --
10:27 am
everybody else is definitely not going to vote for him or very likely not going to vote for him. they see what's happening in the country. >> happening abroad, whether the islamic state, negotiations with iran. on two levels, first would permit a nuclear weapon for the iranians and secondly would do so with an agreement that would not be ratified by our senate. it's extraordinary. >> well the reason, of course, they don't want it to be ratified by the senate, because the senate wouldn't ratify a deal like that. it's silly. what is sad about this administration, and it really makes me dismayed by it, is that they want the appearance of something. not the substance of it. so they'll do any kind of an agreement, in order to stay well, we have an but the agreement itself doesn't make sense. >> a landmark deal? >> yeah. >> early on, i saw this when a group of us were asked to give
10:28 am
advice on the economy. and all the president cared about is how it would look. how it would appear. he didn't care about the substance of the proposals we made. that was very disheartening at a time when it was a key time which made them do a lot of things that the economy would be better than it is. >> that goes to some degree to explain the defusion and efforts in government and some confusion about the issues of public relations, and as you say, substance in this administration, frankly in my judgment, they're precious few. >> well, no, look, you don't earn a disapproval rating of 55% to 65% casually. you really have to work at it. and these people without even knowing are actually much better at that than anything else they did. on some level, they don't understand it. i mean, they have lost touch with where the american public is. where the american economy is. where the american national interests are. they realize these people are
10:29 am
not and should not be leading this country. >> if this president were to declare a successful negotiation with the iranians which proved enrich enriched uranium and improve ed centrifuge, what do you think the result would be? >> i think there would be an absolute outrage in the country if anybody understood what's going on there. everybody knows how dangerous iran is. and get them the costs that we're incurring on them in, in terms of the sanctions, i think that would be an outrage. that's number one. number two, the israelis would be forced to prevent them from gaining these nuclear capabilities because next
10:30 am
existential. there are a number of other countries. the saudis, egyptians, u.a.e., jordan, they're going to be outraged over this because they know they can no longer depend on the leadership of the united states in that critical area of the world. >> mort zuckerman, good to see. you. >> pleasure. what does it take to rein back the agenda? so says mark stein. he joins us.
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12 days until the midterms, my next guest says it doesn't matter which party wins. here to explain syndicated columnist mark stein. his new book is entitled "the undocumented mark stein: don't say you weren't warned." congratulations on the book. we recommend this to you highly. you argue, you asset.
10:34 am
conservatives spend tremendous effort changing elected officials every other november. and i'm surprised it doesn't make much difference as you cast it. it's very clear. >> yeah, i have candidates i want to win in november on tuesday mornings. but i also think the other 364 days of the year are critical. and the saddest elections of all, i think are the ones like in 2010 where you have supposedly a big popular pushback. and you have a glorious tuesday night. and you think they've got the message in washington. and in wednesday morning, nothing changes. >> but they did get the message, mark. i think that's when we saw the establishment gop began co-oping tea party organizations co-oping their own and defusing what they thought was the popular will to be extinguished.
10:35 am
>> yes, essentially, they liked voting forward but when the polls closed they say siayonara. and the polls were closed. but when you look at immigration, for example, where the party wants to talk about it, democrats don't want to talk about it because they're in favor of open borders. even republicans opposed to the are reluctant to bring it up because they think they might sound racist. >> and i think they also want that chamber of commerce money. and roundtable money. and the u.s. nationals and god sab from sab save us from the upper class. >> you're teaching the lesson that responsible government by citizen legislators is less and
10:36 am
less relevant to what's going on. if you take something like gay marriage which is a classic indication of how a specific identity group moved the culture. they've identified the influential part of our consult u culture. suddenly, every sitcom there's a gay best friend. that's proved to be more influential. >> it's all about popular culture. one other aspect is the lack of control of the educational system in this country, teachers unions, k through 12 or whether through universities and academia which extraordinary. >> yeah, it's extraordinary. everyone expects stevens to go through a loopy phase. everyone knows 80 years ago, the
10:37 am
fight in the house of union, this country would not fight for king and country. but in fact, these days that kind of attitude is infiltrated through high school, middle school, grade school, kindergarten. you have to be in the game there, you can't let -- for example in climate change, that became the default position. >> mark, we've got to take a quick break because of breaking news. the book is right over here. the undocumented mark steyn. up next, president obama no longer responsible for his own approval or disapproval ratings. unpopular policies or failed policies. that according to a national media. we take it up in tonight's commentary. stay with us. go ahead and put your bag right here.
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a few comments on now what democratic candidates trying to
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pretend has been a longstanding gulf between themselves and the president. that pretense appears to be sufficient reason for reason to send democratic senate gubernatorial candidates to defeat. perhaps the intellectual integrity is reminding all that these democratic candidates supported it throughout. and just how much punishment can praying narcissist suffer and for how long? and with the voters and the president a democrat the president can rely on al sharpton and the national media to pat him on the head to soothe his aching ego. making it easier for president obama, he actually loatheses the media and how he must resent their patronizing ideological convenient complicity. the media research center looks at the midterm coverage of abc,
10:42 am
cbs, and nbc, and found that those three have blacked out the republican wave election prospects. what happens in 2006, for example, when democrats took both house us of congress? abc, cbs, nbc's evening newscast. well, they couldn't stop talking about the midterms then. yet over this past month and a half, abc hasn't devoted a single story to it. cbs, 14, nbc, only 11. i wonder what's different. and print journalism organizing the consistent competence. "the new york times" editorial board took up the issue of the president's profound unpopularity writing from their preferred perspective as obama lap dog, rather than presidential watchdog. and they actually wrote this, quote, one of the reasons for his unpopularity is that nervous members of his own party have
10:43 am
done a poor job of defending his policies over nearly six years of his presidency as allowing a republican narrative of failure to take hold. so the times editors conclude that the president's problems are actually rooted in disloyal democratic candidates. and the loyal opposition. there they go, once again, trying to assure themselves of a place at the president's feet or lap. perhaps mr. obama's loathing and resentment aren't misplaced after all. up next, the president famously referred to the islamic state as j.b. tearet. they're using that term for the white house political operation. that's next. [ male announcer ] some come here
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joining us tonight, our co-host and town hall editor katy pavage. >> and democratic strategic robert zimmerman. >> katy, you wrote an article in about republicans gaining favorite with voters. >> there's a new ap poll out showing that republicans are the ones that women want to vote for which is opposite of what we saw in 2012. 42% want to vote for democrats. the key in the polls is that the women exist in battleground states like colorado, louisiana, eva. >> you got to be worried to death? >> actually, i'm bucking up as best i can. lou, it's great to be with you, katie, which is encouraging in u.s. world news and report, you
10:48 am
see democrats running ahead in republican states they voted for romney over obama because they're winning against double digit. >> which women? >> which women, the women who vote in iowa. the women who vote in indiana. >> are we talked about married women or single women? >> single women have been more voting democrat, married women vote republican. >> you're all jazzed up about that? >> i'm jazzed up, you see democrats running even in these republican states, it's a good sign. >> i'm sorry, katie, go ahead. >> i just disagree. i think the republicans thought the 2012 women war rhetoric would work. it's not working in colorado. it's certainly not working in new hampshire where scott brown has pulled ahead of jeanne shaheen there. and in colorado, mark audall wh is an extremist is now losing.
10:49 am
>> you'll see in the republican states no matter what you want to say, the fact that women are voting for the democratic candidates because they've posted the violence against women act. >> there we go again. let me just say to you, the fact that -- the senate democrats are running from this president. and what is funny is to watch the president chase -- chase them, hey, remember me? i'm president, i'm the guy you worked with all this time. i want to get katie's reaction first. >> yeah. >> would you make much of it or -- >> lou, i loved what you said about his ego suffering and how his narcissism is taking a huge hit. i think that's right on. this is about president obama, he can't stand the fact that democrats are distancing himself away from the agenda.
10:50 am
>> you is then katie see republicans - the president is out there saying these are the people who support me. he's doing exactly the opposite. >> katie, the more we're seeing republicans running for the senate trying to embrace obama care. >> where? >> in kentucky. mitch mcconnell said he's for kentucky connect. and casey saying he's for obamacare. he's endorsing obama for medicaid spen medicaid expenses because it helps his numbers. >> that didn't answer the question. >> sure, it does. >> katie -- >> let's talk about voters, though -- >> let's talk mitch mcconnell. >> voters are voting for republicans and against democrats for a reason.
10:51 am
obamacare is one of them. it's also because of foreign policy. >> katie -- if ico. >> y>> you can. >> katie, thanks so much. robert, good to see you. up next, before a major north american professional sports league, the ncaa team up against new jersey governor chris christie. it will be all about why next. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying.
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10:55 am
the day's nfl matchups. joining us now to assess the legality of this, revenge form and nurses, it's -- >> revenge forum. >> all right. >> mercedes colin. and rebecca rose woodland. a federal law banned state-sponsored betting. rebecca how does this work if it's good the federal law how can the governor sign it into law? >> the governor signs it into law because he stands to bring more money into the state. he already has betting but that's not the sports betting laws. he's saying those laws are antiquated. we don't need them. >> he's like barack obama, he didn't like the law -- >> right. it's within itself with economics he says if there's money in it, i want it. >> states can govern themselves. federal government comes in and says, look, federal law, going
10:56 am
to preserve state laws, that's not how it works, though. >> let me tell what you i think, he screwed up casinos in atlantic city fairly well. that didn't work so he's going to try sports betting? >> it's a practicality, though. if the law's antiquated. it's a living breathing, legisla legislative law it's got to change. remember how blighted that area was? >> now, it's blighted again. empty casinos. thousands upon thousands of new jersey residents out of work and this president -- this governor, i should say, he's trying another, if you will, i think questionable in morality that is gambling and gaming, for an entire state that hasn't had an opportunity to vote on it or to put forward its own public
10:57 am
initiative on it. >> that is true. but he's saying, i need the money. we're in my state. >> he needs the money -- he's raised property taxes 13%. he's got the worst fiscal policy in the country and he's throwing around -- >> but it's not enough. that's why he has to bring in the gaming. you bring in gaming, you go to las vegas, do you see where most of those people are at the casinos? they're not is he slot mashes. they're sitting and watching every game for hours. that's the kind of game that new jersey needs. >> i think he thinks there's illegal betting going on. i think he wants to make some money off of it. of course, the nfl is saying, no, we don't want this. >> what are the odds they win? they're not doing it for the sport, as it were? >> it's hard to say because there's been a bit of a trend and shift towards allowing the states to make their own decisions. >> it has to be, because who's going to step in? if they don't have their own
10:58 am
economy, they're going to start positioning the federal government. >> if they're serious about improving the economy. raising the standard of living, creating jobs, he's going to start focusing on the reasons -- new jersey is watching an outmassing of citizens because of high taxes. taxes are higher. regulation is higher. it's anti-business. >> and taxes will be lower if you just -- >> if you just bet on sports? are you kidding me? are you kidding me? >> maybe we should do something for corporate, you know, in jersey. >> well, how about we do something for small business people, working men and women. the middle class in this country and cut the nonsense about let's do something for big business and -- well, some gaming companies, right. >> you're a pal. that's the way it works. ferguson, probably not -- ferguson, missouri, we're
10:59 am
watching state legislators, others, probably activists. basically, it seems to be inciting, not warning of violence, actually inciting it. sure there are constraints and recourse here? we have about about a minute. >> first allowing protests doesn't allow us to be violent and it doesn't allow us to protest outside the scope of rational city ordinances. now, what we're seeing some of these people stepping on the streets, the police are saying, hey, this isn't safe, please step barricade. i refuse. please step behind the barricade, i refuse. we're going to have to address you. and that's what's happening. i mean, i think there's a level of, you allow a protest but not when it's unsafe. >> 15 seconds for the last word. >> no i exactly agree on that. you go into protests, you have to do it in a way that's not going to compromise your safety and others. that's when law enforcement
11:00 am
stepping in saying enough is enough. >> let me be clear that my wife and i gamble, it's not opposed to gambling per se. >> trying get one back -- >> that's it for us tonight. good night. [ dynamic music plays ]


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